America: Symbols and Celebrations: Week 1


  • TLW ask questions to get information, to seek help, or to clarify something that is not understood.
    TLW review characters, setting, and key events as they retell fictional stories.
    TLW gather information from text sources and experiences to answer questions about holidays they celebrate.
    TLW use newly learned words in conversation about unit’s focus on celebrations and symbols.
    TLW expand their writing and speaking by using adjectives, nouns, and verbs.
    TLW increase fluency in naming randomly ordered letters on benchmark level.
    TLW read simple decodable text.
    TLW will write CVC words with dictation.

    Product : Students
    Product: Students choose their favorite holiday discussed this week. Students will then write a fact about that particular holiday and describe why it is their favorite.SL.K.4

  • Key Questions (match Standard)What do you like best about the holiday you chose?How is the holiday you chose different from other holidays? Why do different cultures celebrate different holidays?
  • Observable Student BehaviorsTLW ask questions to get information, seek help, or clarify something that is not understood.
    TLW use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose and informative text about holidays
Suggested Activities:

Pair up students. Have them tell their partner what is their favorite holiday and why. The students then write about their partner’s favorite holiday.

Have students draw a picture of their family and a holiday they celebrate. Display the pictures and have students share what they drew. This can be made into a class book.

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