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The Amazing Animal World

Week 5


  • Product : Students will orally retell a story including beginning, middle and end, important details and the main idea.
    (L.1.5) Students will be able to define a word based on the context of the sentence with guidance and support from an adult or peers.
    (W.1.7) Complete and publish research on previous chosen class project.
    (LS.4.4.2) Create a food chain (Food Chain Coloring Sheet) and identify which habitat where that food chain may be found.
  • Key Questions (match Standard)What are the elements of a story?
    What are details?
    What is the main idea?
    How do we know what this word means?
    What stage of the writing process are you in?
    What is research?
    How do I conduct research?
    How do I communicate/organize my research findings?
    What do the animals in your environment eat?
  • Observable Student Behaviors
    1. TLW
    2. TLW
Suggested Activities:
Give students this prompt: “Children should eat healthy foods, exercise, and take care of their bodies. Name one way to stay healthy. Supply some facts about the topic you chose and provide closure at the end of your writing.” As students write, watch closely that they focus on just one way to stay healthy and that they compose an essay supported by facts. (W.1.2, L.1.1j, L.1.2b)

Additional Resources: